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Understanding and Treating Poison Ivy Exposure

August 15, 2017

Summer heat and less-protective clothing go hand-in-hand. Unfortunately, this increases the possibility that you'll..

Lifestyle and Diet Changes You Can Make to Improve Cystic Acne

August 10, 2017

When it comes to cystic acne, there are several available medical treatment options as well as lifestyle changes you..

Sun-Protective Clothing: More Than Just Swim Shirts

August 08, 2017

When skin cells are damaged at the DNA-level — most often by harmful UV rays — these abnormal cells mutate and..

Pediatric Skincare FAQs

August 03, 2017

At U.S. Dermatology Partners, many of us are parents as well as healthcare providers, so we understand the many..

How to Avoid Back-to-School Breakouts

August 01, 2017

Summer is a relaxing time of year filled with long afternoons by the pool, beautiful sunshine, backyard BBQs and..

Is Homemade Sunscreen Safe?

July 27, 2017

If you haven’t heard about the importance of slathering on sunscreen before venturing out in the sun, you’ve..

You're Doing It Wrong: 5 Skin Care Product Reviews

July 25, 2017

When it comes to skin care products, skin care reviews tend to promise the sun, moon and everything in between if..

Should You Get a Shingles Vaccine?

July 20, 2017

I’m often asked by patients, “Should I get the shingles vaccine?” The answer to that question is “yes” for many..

Summer Sensitive Skin Tips

July 18, 2017

Sensitive skin is a problem for many people, and it can often worsen in the summer. If you have sensitive skin, it..

What You Don’t Need When It Comes to Your Sunscreen SPF

July 13, 2017

When it comes to SPF, bigger doesn’t always mean better. Although sunscreen with a higher SPF should provide..

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