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Do Base Tans Protect Your Skin?

May 25, 2017

It’s about to officially be summer, and for lots of us, that means fun in the sun. Whether you’re taking your..

Dermatologists Review Sunless Self-Tanning Lotions

May 23, 2017

Although we know the summer sun’s rays are strong, we also know it’s tempting to want that summer skin glow. Instead..

ABC(DE)s of Identifying Melanoma

May 18, 2017

Melanoma is the least common form of skin cancer, but it is the most dangerous. And because it is known to spread..

How to Protect Kids and Teens From the Sun

May 16, 2017

With the temperatures warming and the end of school nearing, outdoor activities will be plentiful. Many of our staff..

How Ultraviolet Light Affects Your Skin

May 11, 2017

Ultraviolet (UV) light makes up just a small portion of the sun’s rays, but it is the primary cause of skin damage...

4 Myths About Sun Damage in Your College Years

May 09, 2017

Whether studying outdoors in a sunny quadrangle, socializing at a crawfish boil at the fraternity house, or playing..

Tips for Skin Cancer Prevention

May 04, 2017

In addition to regular screenings with your dermatologist in Dallas, there are steps you can take each day to reduce..

Teen Alternatives to Tanning Beds

May 02, 2017

Ask any teenager about their idea of beauty and they’re likely to mention having a good tan. Unfortunately, the act..

How to Detect Skin Cancer Early

April 27, 2017

There are many reasons to make Texas or the Midwest home for the outdoor enthusiast — golfing at any one of our..

Skin Cancer Screenings Save Lives

April 25, 2017

Most people know that their dermatologist can help them look younger with treatments like Radiesse and Botox and..

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